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Acceptance is a practice. It is hard and troublesome. It is something that I need to do for myself, my family, my partner, my friends, my job, my attitude toward life, etc. It takes a lot of understanding, probably time-consuming to follow the situations and moving on from there. It is not something you do once, say when you decide to accept. It is an ongoing process and commitment. Daily practice is needed when you set your intention and lean into it 100%. Once I have made a decision to accept something, someone, a certain situation, any chapters of your story, I consciously know I am responsible for being committed and consciously practicing every single time. It will be hard and there will be resistance, which is why I maybe haven’t been able to accept in some cases. This process of inability to accept will always keep me stuck and anxious or even panic, pushing me down into a low mood. Most of the time when I choose not to accept because I afraid to loose the control. Clearly, I know that the truth is by not accepting it what makes me loose control. So I try to practice acceptance, maybe someday I will learn that it really means letting go of trying to control.

As for the things that I can control are the following:

  1. My beliefs
  2. My attitude
  3. My thoughts
  4. My perspective
  5. How honest I am
  6. Who I choose to be friends with
  7. The books or blogs I choose to read, the music, youtube or podcast I choose to listen
  8. How often I exercises
  9. The type of food I eat
  10. How much risks I’ll be willing to take
  11. How I interpret situations
  12. How kind I am to others and how I decide to treat them
  13. How kind I am to myself
  14. How often I say “Thank you”, “I love you”, “Please, help me”, “How are you”, etc
  15. How I express my feelings, thoughts, care
  16. How often I practice gratitude and/or appreciating the things I have
  17. How many times I smiles today
  18. The amount of effort I put forth
  19. How I spend or invest my money
  20. How much time I spend worrying
  21. How often I think about my past
  22. Whether or not I judge other people
  23. Whether or not I bounce back after a setback

to be continued.. to jot down things that I can control. As it, for now, I am ok knowing that I can have 23 things that I can control.


Daily battle



Kerja keras

Adalah bagian yang mungkin menjadi penentu keberhasilan seseorang. 


Terlalu khawatir

Tidak percaya diri

Adalah hal-hal yang bisa menjerumuskan ke masalah yang tak berujung. 

Pertempuran tiap hari adalah mengenyahkan pikiran-pikiran buruk dan berusaha memberikan yang terbaik. Mudah dikatakan, sulit untuk dilakukan. 

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the low day

“I believe that if something is troubling you, simply start from where you are and take the action necessary to change it” – Susan Jeffers

I am currently reading ‘Feel the Fear…” by Susan Jeffers and this statement really reminding me to do something when things don’t go as planned. As much as a type-A personality that I am, Singapore has changed me to be more flexible and accepting the fact that I am here because I chose to be here, not because I was pressured by some substances.

Although I have had varying levels of success in ‘not dwelling on the past’, through my journey, I have always believed that if something needs to be fixed, I might as well get on and fix it, and worry about they whys and wherefores later. I fully understand that what I need to be doing. In the real life, I struggled most of the time figure things from the past to the point I have no more probable caused to analyze the situation.

This has been a very hard process for me. I always have to know the 5W1H (Why, Who, What, When, Where + How) in anything that I encountered. Most of my clients and close friends know that every time they’re telling me a new story, they have to first let me know the 5W1H. Such a dictators listener, huh?

One day, when I had one of my low days and when everything seems to be wrong; I chose to write down all the blessings in my life. Trying to meditate and put aside all the stressful thoughts and focus on what is beautiful now. My health, my home, and my loved ones. I’ll write most of them down in my bullet journal even to the littlest things such as, a soft comfy bedding that I’ve been blessed to have, that kiss from a loved one, a family (even we are not as  close as I wish we were), being safe and having the freedom to organize my day as I please and all other aspects of life that nourish my soul.

I know I have to keep reminding myself to no longer take things for granted. To meditate and mindfully acknowledging that thoughts about the past are just thoughts like any others. Where we go from here, the present moment is the most important thing. I have had these moments which add up to a life well-lived. I have to train myself over and over again to worry less and less about the future as I appreciate life to its fullest. I am truly blessed!

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My Procrastination

Key reasons why I procrastinate

My procrastination can take many forms;

  • Maybe it actually ways to delay and do a different urgent task
  • Maybe it was too full of a scheduled to work on task
  • Maybe I chose to delay and do unimportant tasks instead
  • When it’s just too overwhelming, if there’s too much to do I tend to freeze and end up doing nothing or something unrelated
  • When it’s too easy, boring or too hard. I have a hard time to stay engaged in the job when the task is too easy or not interesting enough. but, when its too difficult, I tend to put it off and chose to do all the research (time-consuming, also) because I don’t know what to do. Usually, after doing research, I begin to plan how to tackle my tasks.
  • When I too tired and need a break
  • When I have to step outside my comfort zone and I find it to be scary. I tend to slow myself down so I don’t have to face the thing I am afraid of doing. I found out that I sometimes fear success. What if it goes right? Am I ready for this?
  • Whether I really want to do it ??!.. No matter how much under pressures I am in the situations, If I am faced with a task that I don’t want to do it, I may put it off for days, weeks or months : )

I found productivity tips for procrastinators from Forbes by Frances Booth (forgot the date, as I copied it down to my Bujo awhile ago)

I have to:

  • Name and Notice that I am procrastinating and Acknowledge it and Do something about it.
  • Look at where my time goes
  • Make time for my best friend
  • Improve my estimates. Allow time for it to happen. Gives a good time frame and make sure you get it done.
  • Meet more deadlines. I work best if a deadline is looming. Setting deadlines for myself is very crucial for me to get the task done.
  • When I found myself underestimating the task (too easy), I will give myself mini rewards to stay engaged. When I overestimating, I will break the task into small pieces.
  • Intentionally make a schedule for 5 minutes breaks in between tasks. Take a breather (do vinyasa yoga or meditate by going walk around outside your indoor workplace).
  • Re-writing my to do list. I will delegate some tasks and add new tasks that I enjoy to balance the ones I enjoy less, when I am having trouble getting motivated.
  • Ask myself if I expecting a Miracle ? Stop being perfectionist and work with yourself to face of what I’m scared of that can halt with an unrealistic expectations. Take baby steps!
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Growth mindset

Just be you

The three words that sometimes so hard to achieve.

Just become you

Maybe it wouldn’t be so daunting.

Every day I am becoming more “me”

Maybe because being “you” brings about certain expectations that limitless. Something that we don’t know how to fulfill. In turn, being someone else feels easier because there is shoes to fill, a pattern, something to stance on. Also living a lie. The fun part when I get past the fear, it’s great because you embrace it, create myself and become who you want to be.

I like to believe I have becoming “me” more. I look back at myself from three years ago and I can see how much I have changed. I care less and less about what others think and say, and more about what I think, say and do. I’m still not where I desire to be, but I’d like to say that I’m making progress every day.  The hardest but most exciting adventure. It’s a mystery but I love not knowing the ending of the journey that sounds so freeing – Not impossible!

My plan to catch and tell myself whenever I go to that place of destructive thoughts:

When I find myself saying:

  • I can’t do it!  —->  I will try saying —-> What CAN I do?
  • I don’t know how! —> I will change to —> I don’t know how yet.
  • It’s too hard ! —> be mindful and telling myself —> It will take time and effort to learn new skills and try to make the best of every opportunity you received.
  • I’m bad at this or I never be good enough — > I am LEARNING and I will get there!
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When was the last time you asked God to do something impossible, something out of the ordinary? Sometimes the reason we don’t see God do great things is because we only ask Him for small things. Most people pray over their food, pray for protection, or pray for wisdom. I think that’s all good, but I don’t think we should limit what God can do. There should be something you’re praying about, something that you’re asking for that is beyond you. Something that you can’t accomplish in your own strength. Do you dare to ask?

My dreams may look impossible. I don’t always have the resources or the connection to the right people, but I learn today that God is saying, “I dare you to ask Me to bring it to pass. I dare you to ask Me to show you a flood of my favor.”

All through the scripture, we see people doing this. Elijah prayed that it wouldn’t rain, and for three and a half years there was no rain. Joshua prayed for more daylight, and God stopped the sun.

I do realize for quite sometimes that when I have the conversation with God, I often say something that’s so mundane. Routine prayer that I learned since I first discovered about ‘Our Father prayer’. I feel that it’s enough to cover all my worries, my wish, my goal to have a simple happy life. I learn today that I have not been clear. I was in fear to ask Him and tell Him all about my dream. Though He sees through me, I learn today I have to ask, converse, and practice to take that opportunity to lean on Him. I realize that I have been holding myself back. I realize that I’d fear to ask, fear to face my fear to give it power.

We could give ourselves every reason not to do something and most often times we do believe in those reasons. I excused myself from stepping into the wet concrete because I fear to be stuck in the probably overwhelming situations later on. My fear holds me back. My anxiety, my worries, my over-analyzing self may have held me back. I have to remind myself be fearless again, be brave to grow and to face my fear in order to be free from it. By allowing myself to do something about it, say yes to opportunities and take deep breaths when fear wants to take control.

to make a habit of reminding myself to have compassion when I doubt myself and to have faith in people.

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Self – Respect

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy

I found respecting oneself is an obstacle, self-respect is the first step to start loving yourself. Cultivating care by observing how you have been treating yourself.

If the meaning of respect (n) is ‘ a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievement.”, then I only have one that I have deep admiration to. The value of Him and what I feel about Him is too hard to conceive and into make me feel that way about myself. His unconditional love is too hard to obtain! If I have to choose a person, also too hard. My role model changes over time, as I keep discovering that no one is perfect. But I do respect people due to their abilities to motivate people to be better. I respect people who put efforts, energy, money and knowledge for making the world a better place for the next generations to come. I guess in that sense, I can narrate to the word respect now.

Respecting myself to start has been a hurdle. The obstacles that I have to overcome to stand grounded at my principles, loving and respecting myself, and even when the surrounding may bring a lot of temptations to side track my life. For example, some of my temptations are maybe having someone defined what you need to have in order to be happy, or when people around me doubt my abilities, or when I care about a person who could care less of giving me their love, or when I think about lives others have is better. Those are some of the examples that I was going through during different path of my life so far.

By now, I start to understand that I need to acknowledge my need first to be respected as a decent human being. I deserved and can choose to be happy regardless in any kind of situations. I understand that I cannot always control the situations nor the people on how they treat me, but I can control myself and how I wish to proceed from the situations.

By finding out who I am, I learn to know what I want and who I really am. By exploring and getting in touch with myself and understand what matter to me, I have finally understood the need to respect and loving myself are the foundation of self-respect.

I have learned throughout the years that it is essential to keep company with those who respect me and respect themselves. Having someone negative only makes me drained and it does spark the negativity in me without I even realizing it. I have very little friends and very picky with friends, and family is no different. I classified them by my needs, though it does sound like I’m not being a good friend. Do understand that I been hurt and left by people who are not genuine. enough is enough.

When I was starting my career path, I rarely have time for myself, friends, family. One of the best ways that I have in motivating myself is to never settle for less. I know what I deserve and I deserves the very best in life: The best people, career and the best feelings to be in any situations. Due to that, I feel that I have built up my confidence, I learn to accept compliments, having myself to build myself up, by doing things that I feel I am good at. As a human, we are designed to be productive and be useful for other people. Many years ago my mentee asked me, without sounding offensive, how can I look confidence at all the time? I told her that I am not always confidence. But I value my life and experiences enough to show to others that I can be valuable to them. Many people avoid confidence as they confused with being self-centered. It is very different and I feel everybody need to understand themselves enough to not go overboard and becomes egotistical self. Especially if you start to think that you have all the power in your hand. Being heroic is different than being kind, honest, fearless, bold and brave. 

I am currently on the stage where I need to keep pushing myself to forgive my past and mistake I have made. I need to keep reminding myself to keep moving positively forward. I can not go back but I can be someone better. Also, I need to learn to forgive other people. I have been hurt badly and forgiveness can be really difficult. I need to let go of the pain others have caused and I need to challenge myself to cultivate love and respect towards them to love myself.

Honesty for me is the ultimate sign of respect. When I am being honest with myself, knowing what I want and need, what makes me happy or not, what supposedly be good for me and what’s not. oh boy, it has been tough! I have been trying to meditate and reflects to understand more on how I feel and think. But then I realize, the more honest I am with myself, it does make me easier to be more honest with others. I have learned the hard way that I cannot count on others to respect my decisions, my way of life and/or my feelings, even I always be mindful to respect theirs. Being a good person does not guarantee that others will be good people. I only have the control over myself and how I choose to be as a person. As for others, I can only choose to accept them or walk away. I have learned the hard way to just realized that people are not always good to others. I am lucky enough to have a Mom that always reminds me to forgive and stick to my morals, and with hope, the right people will come my way.

I am starting to take care of my body in my later age. I could care less about what is the product of being beautiful. In this lifetime people still perceived beautiful by having skinny body, sparkling skin and having a good sense of fashion. Once I understood that I feel good physically by having healthy food, exercise, getting enough sleep and low stress, the more kindness and the more internal love I feel. My yoga teacher once said that your body is a vessel transporting you around this world. How would you like to achieve to have certain body types, is depending on your goal. If you want to be strong and have healthy organs then you exercise, if you only care about body image and being skinny then don’t eat. Just as I need to take a good care of my body, I also know that my mind needs a little love as well. The way I do it is by keep getting new experiences and gathering information. Keep looking to find new perspectives, find resources for inspiration (traveling is the best way for me to learn new cultures, meeting new people, learning a different way of living). The more I know, the more I am allowing myself to spare some space to grow. All the rejection, all the struggles, and obstacles will empower me. By allowing that to happen, I earned respect for myself.

Last but not least, Don’t compare to others! “Comparison is the thief of joy”, said Theodore Roosevelt, and I couldn’t agree more. The more I compare my life with others, the more difficult it becomes to cultivate self-respect. It is hard not to compare (especially with social media), but I keep reminding myself that no matter how well you know someone, you never ever know every aspect of their life. No life is perfect, the essential way to respect myself is to focus on what I have, not on what I have to own in order to gain more friends or followers.

Start by being aware of finding yourself, do your best to find a way to make it a positive, self-respecting experience, and then use what you’re going through (good or bad) to cultivate care for yourself and others. 

You can only appreciate the highest of highs if you experience the lowest of lows