When I lost 72 hours of my life

By far this was the worse time I had experienced bed rest. Not like I was told to stay in bed, but quite literally I Couldn’t get up from bed 😦 My body was almost paralyzed, my eyes couldn’t stay open more than 30 min, Can’t breathe properly, Throat was too painful to even to drink water, Couldn’t hear properly, my mind was not straight (literally went to the darkest corner!).

Waking up on Monday morning after 3 days being absent as a productive human being, felt really good. I appreciate more of life and what I had experienced in life so far. Sometimes, well most of the time I took my health for granted. When I am in the zone, in my brain its all Go, Go, Go.. Though I have scheduled in my bujo that I need to rest, allow that time to just take care all what my need, even its just watching a re-run TV drama. I need to be more disciplined on taking care of myself.

Maybe this was my opportunity to press that big reset button. I maybe need that 3 days of rest to have the fresh start. The learning curve to put what happened yesterday behind me and move forward with real purpose. Though there are just as many times when I want to still rebuild on yesterday or days before it – where endurance, adrenaline, and strength comes from the desire to continue a good run and want to finish all at once.

The greatest learning experience I learned from this is To choose if today is a continuation or an opportunity to press that pause button.

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.” – Marcha Petrie Sue


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