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My Procrastination

Key reasons why I procrastinate

My procrastination can take many forms;

  • Maybe it actually ways to delay and do a different urgent task
  • Maybe it was too full of a scheduled to work on task
  • Maybe I chose to delay and do unimportant tasks instead
  • When it’s just too overwhelming, if there’s too much to do I tend to freeze and end up doing nothing or something unrelated
  • When it’s too easy, boring or too hard. I have a hard time to stay engaged in the job when the task is too easy or not interesting enough. but, when its too difficult, I tend to put it off and chose to do all the research (time-consuming, also) because I don’t know what to do. Usually, after doing research, I begin to plan how to tackle my tasks.
  • When I too tired and need a break
  • When I have to step outside my comfort zone and I find it to be scary. I tend to slow myself down so I don’t have to face the thing I am afraid of doing. I found out that I sometimes fear success. What if it goes right? Am I ready for this?
  • Whether I really want to do it ??!.. No matter how much under pressures I am in the situations, If I am faced with a task that I don’t want to do it, I may put it off for days, weeks or months : )

I found productivity tips for procrastinators from Forbes by Frances Booth (forgot the date, as I copied it down to my Bujo awhile ago)

I have to:

  • Name and Notice that I am procrastinating and Acknowledge it and Do something about it.
  • Look at where my time goes
  • Make time for my best friend
  • Improve my estimates. Allow time for it to happen. Gives a good time frame and make sure you get it done.
  • Meet more deadlines. I work best if a deadline is looming. Setting deadlines for myself is very crucial for me to get the task done.
  • When I found myself underestimating the task (too easy), I will give myself mini rewards to stay engaged. When I overestimating, I will break the task into small pieces.
  • Intentionally make a schedule for 5 minutes breaks in between tasks. Take a breather (do vinyasa yoga or meditate by going walk around outside your indoor workplace).
  • Re-writing my to do list. I will delegate some tasks and add new tasks that I enjoy to balance the ones I enjoy less, when I am having trouble getting motivated.
  • Ask myself if I expecting a Miracle ? Stop being perfectionist and work with yourself to face of what I’m scared of that can halt with an unrealistic expectations. Take baby steps!

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