Riri · what i think

Dream Dreams, See Visions

If you could do anything,

What would it be?

What’s stopping you?

~ Be Vegan

  • Scared of failure – temptations
  • Too hard – me still love animal products and real noodles (the carbs type)
  • Limited options in Singapore (groceries and restaurants)
  • Time-consuming to cook at home

~ Nomadic Lifestyle

  • How to stabilizing business to generate money
  • Too expensive and too much work on planning the logistic
  • Husband

~ Becoming Yoga Teacher

  • Performance anxiety
  • Too perfectionist (expecting others to be the same)
  • Time scheduling and money
  • Still working on my self-commitment
  • Difficult to juggle priorities

~ Personal Coach

  • Scared of failure for other people
  • Therapist block
  • People wouldn’t understand my way of speaking
  • People would criticize me

This is my few of goals and my road blocks. I’ve been trying to crush them and working on them but there are always been something that blocking them, either I’m lacking on commitment or maybe it is not just the right timing. I went through a lot of physical and emotional battles to achieve those goals. But I know even there are a lot of unpredictable situations, I know I can make this happen. Fear often holds me back but by writing it down, it is also a great to see what I should be tackle next.

We make a living by what we get,

We make a life by what we give.

– Winston Churchill


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