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Choose Happy

As somebody who was privileged enough to enjoy all the vanity in life,  to define what makes me happy is quite difficult. Coming from Asian background, I see often people say “happiness” comes with materialistic things. Big house, luxurious car, branded goods, “perfect” picture family, etc.

I began to understand more about defining my own terms of happy in much later life. I am now a true believer that happiness to each individual is different depending on how they define their own happiness. I believe to not chase other people’s happiness. I work extra hard and a lot of discovery to dig deep and figure out what I want from life. Though I am sure along the way, things can be altered and adjusted to the situations. I began by asking myself the tough questions that will help me paint my own picture of success, happiness, and self-love. I keep telling myself to not be afraid to reflect on the past so that I can move into a better future for myself.

To be aware where I am now and where I want to be. To decide on how much effort I am willing to put in to make the change. To adjust my expectations to my level of commitment. I do routine reflections and it helps me to stay in the line. I do a little pep talk to myself in the way to remind myself to be my own cheerleader.

The beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself



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